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Frequently Asked Questions 

What types of Training does Gallatin K9 offer?

GK9 offers dog Training for all breeds.

We offer:

  • Pet Training

  • Service Dog Level Obedience Training & Management

  • Dog Management & Handling

  • Canine Behavioral Evaluations (Available for dogs who need to work toward addressing/managing problem behaviors)

  • Sport Training in IGP

  • Purpose Specific Family Protection Dog Training (We have very selective criteria- Above all, animal must demonstrate very high levels of animal and human stability)

What does GK9 do differently?

GK9 is focused on enhancing the relationship between dog and owner. We build this relationship through purposeful play and interaction with an objective.


We do not believe in teaching behaviors with punishment. Genetically speaking emotions play a huge role in learning; therefore, we look to emphasize the emotional connection between dog and owner wherever possible. We strive to create a team mentality between the two of you. ​GK9 believes in basing our training approach in science. We have an intimate scientific understanding of how animals learn. We believe in a Respectful and Ethical Approach to Training. Our training focuses primarily on enhancing the relationship between Dog and Owner, Encouraging the Dog to express themselves, and guiding them with a balanced training approach.

Is GK9 a good fit for me as a Dog Owner?

GK9 believes in owners being mutually invested in improving the life of their dog(s).

We look for people who truly want to learn how to handle their animals, play an active role, and understand how their dogs learn. Much of what we ultimately accomplish with an animal involves maintenance and consistent reinforcement at home. Many trainers promise the world without your intimate involvement during the learning process.  

GK9 intends to train your dog through enhancing your relationship together while learning new behaviors. Subsequently, the behaviors your dog learns become self reinforcing because you are interacting with each other. You will be part of the learning process and you will have the tools to help your dog outside of formal training. 

This requires a high level of emotional and intellectual investment from the owner.

We train this way in order to preserve the personality of the dog and to encourage them to express themselves, instead of simply teaching them to escape or avoid something unpleasant (very old school dog training).

You will not solely be a food dispenser, nor a disciplinarian. ​Instead, you will be building loving and nurturing two-way communication with your animal.

Does GK9 offer Board and Train Services?

For those clients who want a high-level training foundation to build upon without the time commitment involved in individual sessions, we offer our Board and Train Program.

This option is very popular in our area with the busy lives everyone leads and the high level of obedience necessary for many of our favorite dog activities here in Montana.

(Hiking, Camping, Running, Backcountry Skiing, Cross Country Skiing, Climbing, Mountain Biking, Etc.) 

​We currently have very limited capacity for board and train services.

Our board and train minimum are 3 weeks. 

Your dog will learn the following guaranteed behaviors and more:

  • Sit

  • Down 

  • Place

  • Heel

  • Reliable Recall

  • Loose Leash Walking

  • Managing Problem Behaviors

*Along with any other behaviors that we specifically discuss.

During board and trains, we also place a heavy emphasis on socialization whenever possible.

The intent of the board and train program is to build a solid obedience foundation for you to build upon.

​**Dogs with aggression problems and other disqualifying characteristics will not be accepted into this program. Call us to discuss further.

Any dog that we determine to not be suited for the program will be returned to the owner and fully reimbursed.

Does GK9 offer services for Behavioral Problems and Management?

We do offer Behavioral Evaluations. We will first ask that you give us a call. 

Cost is a common question. The cost for a Behavioral Evaluation is $250. We schedule 2-hour time slots for this service.  ​We need to fully understand the specific behaviors that need to be addressed.

(Eg: Reactivity with other dogs, aggression, fence jumping or fighting, digging, eating objects, self-harming behaviors, etc). ​After our call we may ask that you fill out a behavioral questionnaire.  ​

During the evaluation we will help you determine the best approach to addressing behavior problems in a manner that is easiest for your dog to understand.

Sometimes we can reverse the unwanted behavior, other times it becomes a conversation about appropriate management for the animal.

​Unlike many trainers, we will not promise you the world and fail to deliver. We emphasize realistic expectations for you and your dog and will give an honest evaluation of what you can expect going forward with problem behaviors.


These can be tough conversations, but we feel that it is better to have real and transparent feedback that you can use rather than "feel good" talk that provides no real solutions.

*Any genetic history you can give us about the dog will be extremely helpful:
Breed, Littermates' Behaviors, Mother & Father, Pedigree, Breeder (if known) etc. This information is not required, just very helpful.

Service Dogs?

Service and ESA dogs require very high-level socialization and obedience regardless of their intended application.

We are highly selective when identifying a service dog candidate. This work is started as an adolescent and continued into maturity. Often, we look for dogs whose ancestral lineage have been selectively bred to perform similar tasks. 

We are fully equipped to help you with this level of socialization & obedience training. From simulating airport environments to going through security with no leash or equipment. Or simply heeling on leash through a crowded place, we can help you train toward this level of obedience with distractions.

Does GK9 Train Sport Dogs?

We offer training in Schutzhund (IPO/IGP)

This sport is fun for many breeds of dog, not only your typical "working dog" breeds.

We are members of the Big Sky Working Dog Club (Schutzhund)

In addition to Sport Specific training, GK9 also provides consultation services to help clients source a purpose specific puppy for sport applications. Our extensive knowledge of working dog lines, breeders, and genetics will give you the peace of mind to know you are getting the highest quality puppy possible for your future ambitions.​​


We are also proud to have local access to an Internationally Acclaimed and Titled Bird Dog Trainer with over 35 years of experience and over 50 finished dogs. He will offer high level training from beginner to advanced on a case-by-case basis.

Please contact GK9 for more information.