Welcome to Gallatin K9

Educating, empowering and inspiring dogs and their owners to help them achieve their best life. 

Our mission is to elevate the level of education and understanding of all aspects of dog ownership and training for our community through high level customer service, education, and consistently producing great results.

You and your dog will love our unique dog training approach.

Gallatin K9 is focused on providing professional training for all dog owners. Tailoring each training program toward the dog's individual needs and what the owner is looking for.

Fun, informative, and safe lessons are our priority! Learn how to communicate in a more effective and long-lasting way, to create a better relationship with your dog and enjoy the process while doing it. Having a dog as a member of your family can be an exciting and rewarding experience. It also can take a great deal of patience and a commitment to doing what it takes to achieve the relationship you want with them. 

We know all dogs are different, and each dog gets an individualized dog training approach. We believe dogs thrive on structure and clear, consistent communication. Our goal is to help you and your dog understand each other better and live a happy life together!

We believe in a Respectful and Ethical Approach to Training. Our training focuses primarily on enhancing the relationship between Dog and Owner, encouraging the dog to express themselves, and guiding them with a balanced training approach.

Training Customized for You


Immersion Board & Training program 

Help your dog become their best self, happy and obedient, with our new immersion training camp. Six Reliable Commands, and Socialization.

Let us take the headache out of training your dog.


Group Classes

Puppies, Group Obedience, Advanced Training and More!

Get ready to take your dog's training to the next level, join the community and have FUN!

**Coming Soon**


Private Lessons 

We use a simple, balanced training approach so that both handler and dog have a clear understanding of the process and what’s expected of them. We strive to keep training fun, interesting and productive. ​


Our Vision

Gallatin K9 sets the standard when it comes to value, honesty, hard work, educating and empowering clients, and always providing exceptional results. 

Our business is to see our clients succeed and to better the world around us through community efforts, training and outreach. 

We are committed to excellence in all aspects of training your dog and take the utmost care of your trust, your dog and your personal education.  

Training dogs is our passion and we are thrilled when we see our clients succeed! From basic good manners to high level sport dog training and providing our clients with service dogs they can trust, our goal is your satisfaction. 

We provide private training, board & training, group classes, and seminars to elevate all dog owners of our community. 

What We Do

When you brought home your dog you imagined a harmonious coexistence.

But now you're dealing with leash pulling, barking, growling, chewing, jumping, digging, biting, counter surfing, and they won't come when you call them. Or maybe, your dog is nervous, shy, and just not sure about the world. We can help you overcome all these things and more. Let's give your dog all the tools they need to be seamlessly involved in your life every day! 

Learn how our unique program can help you and your dog live harmoniously and happily together. 


Montana Malinois & Dutch Shepherd Rescue

We are not taking dogs at this time, but are here to help and as a resource!


Check out the Rescue page for links, information, and more about Malinois.


Check out our page for breed information, rescue options and support. If you're interested in the breed, reach out and ask questions! These dogs aren't for everyone but can be incredible in the right situation. 

Gallatin K9 is a proud member of these professional organizations. 

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Claire understands dogs and clearly loves dogs. Our German Shepherd responded naturally to her pet affection and training. We are looking forward to her "board and train" program in April over our spring break! We have complete trust in her ability and kindness with animals.


Claire is amazing and I would recommend her training to everyone. She is so patient and understanding. She is helping my border collie Aussie mix with leash obedience and heal as well as working with us on leash aggression and jumping. It’s a work in progress but my puppy was showing improvement quickly. 10 Stars.


I have two great dogs but was was overwhelmed with how to deal with some of their poor behaviors. I scheduled some personal training sessions with Claire and it was a great experience! Claire is friendly, knowledgeable, accommodating and offers simple, easy to understand instruction. I recommend Claire to anyone seeking dog training.

We brought our 11 month old European Doberman to Claire for some practice and advice on his dog reactivity. She was able to guide and show us effective methods to incorporate to help Odin. We had a great experience, thank you!