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Gallatin K9 is focused on providing exceptional training for all dog owners! Tailoring training programs toward each dog's individual needs and what the owner is looking for. Fun, informative, and safe lessons are our priority! Good training is the key to having a great relationship with your family pet. Learn how to communicate in a more effective and long lasting way, to create a better relationship with your dog and enjoy the process while doing it. Dog training is a unique and fulfilling process for both dog and owner when done correctly. 


"Helping dogs and their owners through education, empowerment and play. "

What are your goals? 

When you brought home your dog you imagined a harmonious coexistence.

But now you're dealing with leash pulling, barking, growling, chewing, jumping, digging, biting, counter surfing, and they won't come when you call them. Or maybe, your dog is nervous, shy, and just not sure about the world.

We can help you overcome all these things and more. Let's give your dog all the tools they need to be seamlessly involved in your life every day!

Learn about our training programs that can help. 

Man's best friend
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