I know you have a million questions about how to properly train your dog. I want to help you get started with a few training essentials. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, or you come up with some questions of your own, please let me know. Making new connections and developing lasting relationships with my clients is a passion of mine.

Training Tools


Ivan Balabanov 

The most important trainer I've learned from. He has a variety of videos you can purchase to stream but also 5 free PDFs on his website. 


Probably one of the greatest online resources for dog owners, working and pet! 10,000 articles, online catalog and more. 

Michael Ellis Philosophy of Dog Training

No matter how many times I watch this video it's so good and I always pick up something new.

Article on Socialization 

Socialization is so much more than just letting dogs play. There is a process and and program to creating a happy confident dog. This article helps explain what productive "socialization" really is.

Using Marker Words in Training 

A great article explaining the use of markers in training and why it's important. 

Top Tier K9 DVD 

An excellent resource I recommend to all my clients! Everything you need to get started with your dog or puppy to set them up for success! I have these on hand generally or you can order them through this link. 

The Collared Scholar Blog 
Fantastic blog with tons of excellent articles and resources for training and behavior questions. 

Dave Kroyer 
Huge training resources! He has free videos and a subscription service if you want insider access. 

Larry Krohn 
Excellent trainer with a lot of great video's and resources. His book on e collar work is one of the best. Highly recommend his work! 
E collar YouTube Video
Leash work video

Gallatin Dog Club 
Wonderful local AKC club in Gallatin Valley hosting classes and trials

Gallatin Dog Agility Club 
AKC Agility dog club. Check out their website/FB page for classes and upcoming trials. 

FREE COURSE : How to Live With or Manage Your Dogs
New dog owners, or those owners with behavioral problems that want to fix or avoid behavioral problems in the home.

Local Resources

Dog Boarding & Day Care 

Veterinary Practices


Supplies & More

Bridger Animal Nutrition 


Rocky Mountain Supply 


Dee Oh Gee 

Dog Running in Water

Health Information 

Recommended Dog Foods & Supplements  

Victor Dog Food 


O'Paws Advanced Mobility 

Grizzly Salmon Oil 

K9 Power 


Rescue Puppy

Developmental Stages 

Train in the simplest and fastest way, with the dog wanting to do it." - Ivan Balabanov