Private Obedience Sessions

Training Services

Consultation to start Training​

A Consultation is important to do before we start a training plan. The Consultation is an important part of our ability to develop a training plan, behavior modification assessment, training history and understanding of your specific needs and goals. Once we do the Consultation a personalized training plan is developed for you and your dog with your goals, history and specific requirements. This will be the basis of our work together and helps give a roadmap forward to success for you and your dog. 

Initial 30 min phone Consultation $40

A phone consultation can be scheduled by texting 406-282-3789 

Private Sessions

These one-on-one private lessons are tailored to your goals and what your dog needs at that time. After meeting and evaluating your dog we can tailor a program specifically for you based on our balanced proved methods. We allow our clients to schedule private lessons at the pace they feel is best, though we do recommend once a week for 4-6 weeks for the best results. 

We use a simple approach so that both handler and dog have a clear understanding of the process and what’s expected of them. By using a combination of positive reinforcement, marker words and eventually adding corrections everything is fair and clear to the dog. We strive to keep training fun, interesting and productive. Setting clear and consistent boundaries helps the dog understand what’s expected of them.


Each Lesson is $65 per hour and includes a free 30 min phone consultation. 

4 Week Lesson Package $300​

  • 4 one hour private obedience lessons at the location of your choosing tailored to you and your dog. 

  • 15% Discount on Top Tier K9 Pet Training DVD. 

Day Camp

Day Camps - $125 - Socialization & Obedience 

Day Camps are a fun way to get some extra training in for your dog while you're at work! I'll pick up the dog in the morning and we will be together all day! The focus will depend on the dog but generally we go over these basics. 

  • 2 Obedience sessions 

  • An outing in town working on social manners 

  • An hour walk/run/bike to get that extra energy out 

Puppy Foundation

In Home Private Lesson - $65 per hr. 

Setting up you and your puppy for a lifetime of success together. Learn how your dog learns, how to create the behaviors you want, and how to help your puppy have the best start possible to a happy, healthy life.

We structure the Puppy Program specifically for you and your dog but utilize the same basics and foundation for all puppies. Every puppy needs the basics of socialization, engagement, structure and fun in training. This is a 4-6 week program so the puppy can have the best start possible and be ready to become a great family pet. 

Hiking Trips 

Pack hiking trips available on a limited basis! If you and your dog want to focus on this just contact us and we'd love to help! 

We live in a beautiful area and there's no better experience than to enjoy the mountains with your best friend! These hiking trips are customized for the dogs we'll have that day and focus on proper trail etiquette, safety with other dogs and people and socialization on the trial.

Highly recommend these two books also!! Tons of fantastic insight, tips and information all about dogs, training and their psychology

I recommend the Pet Dog Training DVD produced by Top Tier K9. You will learn how to effectively communicate with your dog and teach them how to sit, down, climb, come (recall), walk on a leash without pulling you down the road, and so much more. I have the dvds on hand or you can order them online. 

All services start at $65 per hour. Day Camps are dependent on availability after consultation only. 

Accepting cash, check, paypal or venmo


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Head Trainer 

Claire Silvey