Recommended Reading

In addition to the resources I've shared these are some of the best books on dogs, training and dogs psychology I've found! Most can be found through amazon or on if you're looking for a deal. 

Don't Shoot the Dog!: The New Art of Teaching and Training

by Karen Pryor

Reaching the Animal Mind : Clicker Training and What It Teaches Us about All Animals

by Karen Pryor


Team Dog : How to Train Your Dog--The Navy SEAL Way

by Gary Brozek and Mike Ritland

Canine Body Language : A Photographic Guide: Interpreting the Native Language of the Domestic Dog

by Brenda Aloff

Everything You Need to Know about e Collar Training

by Larry Krohn

Patricia B. McConnell : 

The Other End of the Leash: Why We Do What We Do Around Dogs

The Cautious Canine 

I'll be Home Soon! 

The Puppy Primer 

How Dogs Learn 

by Mary R. Burch

The Art of Training Your Dog by Marc Goldberg and the Monks of New Skete

No Bad Dogs

by Barbara Woodhouse 

The Mentally Sound Dog 

by Gail Clark

Culture Clash

by Jean Donaldson