Learn how to establish the best start to life for your puppy and our unique and highly effective methods! 

Puppy Foundation Skills 

Life & Relationship Skills for your puppy

This course is a great place for puppies and owners to start! Each class includes plenty of socialization, question/answer time, and problem solving to help you turn your dog into the type of companion you can truly be proud to take anywhere. 

This six-week class aims to teach and review the foundation you'll need to develop for a lifelong bond with your new dog based on play and relationship! 


Class Rules

  • One adult handler per dog in class, but the entire family is welcome to attend.

  • Dog and Owner teams are required to have attended at least one Private Lesson or Evaluation with Gallatin K9 or Training With Play before being accepted into the group classes. This is to ensure all the dogs attending are safe, ready to learn and able to accept the group class setting. If you have any questions please contact either Gallatin K9 or Training With Play. 

  • The first week is a classroom style session and no dogs will be allowed at the first class.

Puppy Requirements to start 

  • Be free of aggression toward people 

  • Be free of aggression toward other puppies in class

  • Be at least 16 weeks old and have had their puppy shots.  


Your Puppy will learn these skills ​

  • Allow owner to hug or hold puppy (depending on size)

  • Allow owner to take away a treat or toy

  • Allow (in any position) petting by a person other than the owner

  • Allow owner handling and brief exam of ears and feet

  • Walk on a leash (follow owner on lead in a straight line for 15 steps)

  • Walk by other people (walk on leash past other people who are 5 feet away)

  • Sit on command (owner may use a food lure)

  • Down on command (owner may use a food lure)

  • Come to owner from 5 feet away when name is called

  • Have an acceptable response to distraction (puppy can startle but not show extreme fear or aggression to something like a chair being dropped 15 feet away)

  • Stay on leash with another person while owner walks 10 steps from pup and then returns​

Worried about passing these test exercises? Don’t be! That’s what the class is for!

Class size: 6

Trainer: Claire 

Next Available: TBD

Length: Six consecutive one hour group classes

Location: 20900 Frontage Rd, B- Mezzanine, Belgrade, MT. 59714