Private Lessons for all dogs

German Shepherd

These one-on-one private lessons are tailored to your goals and what your dog needs at that time. After meeting and evaluating your dog we can tailor a program specifically for you based on our balanced proved methods. We allow our clients to schedule private lessons at the pace they feel is best, though we do recommend once a week for 4-6 weeks for the best results. 

We use a simple, balanced training approach so that both handler and dog have a clear understanding of the process and what’s expected of them. Using a combination of positive reinforcement, marker words and correctly timed corrections everything is fair and clear to the dog based on scientific learning and dog psychology. Balanced training results in a relationship built on respect and trust.

We strive to keep training fun, interesting and productive. Setting clear and consistent boundaries helps the dog understand what’s expected of them.

Each Private Session is $90 per hour. 

​4 Week Lesson Package $340

  • 4 one hour private obedience lessons at the location of your choosing tailored to you and your dog. 

  • Customized Training Plan for you and your dog. 

  • Unlimited phone and email support.

  • Access to our private FB group and monthly Zoom Q&A sessions.

Gallatin K9 is a Training Without Conflict Affiliate and supports this scientifically based, educational approach for both dogs and their owners. 
Check out the TWC Training Video Vault for videos! 


Every dog and owner is unique and has their own specific issues, goals, dreams and needs. It's very important to me that every one of my clients feels empowered to handle their dog in a variety of situations with confidence and control and to feel educated and empowered to take on the world with their best friend.

If you're having an issue please reach out! GallatinK9 is here as a community resource to help all dogs and owners become better trained, to ensure a safer community for all through education, empowerment, training and support.