Montana Belgian Malinois & Dutch Shepherd Rescue 

The MBDR is no longer accepting surrendered dogs. Due to a variety of factors, we sadly and regretfully have to close the surrender and adoption portion of our rescue.  

If you have a dog you need to surrender please reach out to us for help or reach out to another of the many Malinois/Dutch Shepherd breed rescues in the country. 

If you have an issue with a dog of this breed please reach out!  These are amazing dogs but need a knowledgeable owner willing to put in the work. They are not for the faint of heart! 

We will still be available for questions, transport, networking, senior rescue and as a resource to our community.

Additional rescues and resources 

ABMR - American Belgian Malinois Rescue 

ABMR (American Belgian Malinois Rescue, Inc) is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to helping Malinois in need. Rescue Malinois come into the ABMR foster program from shelters, animal control, or owners who can no longer keep their Malinois for various reasons.       



The Malinois Ranch Rescue is a nationwide breed-specific specialized rescue based in McKenzie, TN. We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization established in 1988 and incorporated in 2016. 


Malinois Rescue League is a non-profit dedicated to saving Belgian Malinois around the world from cruelty, abuse, and slaughter. Our mission is to globally impact this problem and do what we can to help this breed



We are a 501c3 non-profit corporation consisting of a small number of hard working volunteers. We are dedicated to caring for and placing Belgian Malinois into permanent and loving homes on the West Coast.

MAD - Malinois and Dutch Shepherd Rescue

A 501(c)3 non-profit organization which is dedicated to rescuing Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherds who have found themselves without a home. MAD Rescue does not have a physical location and is operated by compassionate, like-minded professionals who volunteer their time and resources to help save and care for the Malinois and Dutch Shepherds.


FCI Breed Standard:

The Belgian Shepherd is a watchful and active dog, bursting with energy, and always ready to leap into action. As well as its innate skill at guarding flocks, it also possesses the highly prized qualities of the best guard dog of property. Without any hesitation it is the stubborn and keen protector of its owner. It brings together all those qualities necessary for a shepherd, guard, defense and service dog. St-FCI n°15/ 19.04.2002 4 Its lively, alert temperament and its confident nature, showing no fear or aggressiveness, should be obvious in its body stance and the proud attentive expression in its sparkling eyes. When judging this breed, one should take into consideration its calm and fearless temperament.

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