Group Classes


For a long time, group training classes were something that we had no interest in doing. Because over and over again… we saw them fail for dog owners. As dog training professionals, we need to do better. Group classes were too cookie cutter, too much like a classroom and not enough like the real world (where good behavior matters most)! So when we finally decided to create a group class training option for dog owners just like you, we wanted to accomplish 3 things:

  • To create an environment that replicates REAL WORLD behavior challenges.

  • To have flexible curriculums, instead of a cookie-cutter course.

  • To bring your dog well beyond the “basics” and provide great training results that last​​.

So we did just that.

Instead of having a dog who will only “sit” if there are no distractions around and a treat in front of their nose, you can have a dog who is cooperative not only in and out of the home, but also with being handled (like nail trims!), and more confident and in tune with you.

See what’s included:

  • A safe indoor space with classes supervised by a qualified dog training professional.

  • Access to bonus classes, outings, and “real world” training opportunities.

  • A format that is designed to bring you results.

  • Class options to fit your needs. 

AKC CGC Prep Class


6 Week Group Class to prepare you for the AKC Canine Good Citizen class with testing option!  

Learn the skills to have a great life companion and a dog you'll be proud of. 


You just got a puppy!


Now what?  

Take this Puppy Foundation Skills class to learn everything you need to know to set your new family member up for success. 


Get ready to have a great time and learn some all new skills to take your team work to the next level!  

Stay tuned for this upcoming class.