The Fearful Dog

Black Pug

Fear, reactivity, insecurity, and more can lead to an anxious life for both dog and owner. Learn how to manage your dog so they can be happy and confident. 


There are many types of fear and reactivity but in training, the goal is the same. To have a calm, obedient and happy dog as a member of your family. Many factors can contribute to a fearful or insecure dog. Decoding these and helping your dog understand the world, simplifying communication and establishing a deeper level of trust with the owner is key to solving some of these tricky issues. Lack of socialization, being frightened or even attacked by an aggressive dog, a genetic predisposition to fear, are just some of the factors that contribute to this issue. Reactivity in dogs can be a frustrating experience for the owner and can become a safety issue if the dog is fearful enough to eventually bite. That is why helping these dogs quickly and effectively is paramount to their and everyone’s safety and wellbeing.