Advanced Obedience & Fun Class

What is Advanced Obedience & Fun Class? 

When sit, down, and come are mastered and you want to take your work to the next level or just need something fun to do with your dog this is the class for you!  

Each offering of the Advanced Obedience Class will have a different theme and goal. You'll learn the advanced skills to succeed at many different dog sports, life and relationship.  The class curriculum will be determined by the specific needs of the owner and dog teams that sign up so each class will be a little different.  

Some of the objective of the class will be teaching advanced heeling, long distance send-away, touch pads and markers, jumping, retrieves over jumps, spins, tricks, and more! 

Class Requirements

Only dogs who've passed the CGC class, have completed a Foundation Board & Train Program or who have had at least 3 Private Sessions with one of our trainers will be accepted into the class. 

Class Rules

  • One adult handler per dog in class, but the entire family is welcome to attend.

  • Dog and Owner teams are required to have attended at least one Private Lesson or Evaluation with Gallatin K9 or Training With Play before being accepted into the group classes. This is to ensure all the dogs attending are safe, ready to learn and able to accept the group class setting. If you have any questions please contact either Gallatin K9 or Training With Play. 

  • The first week is a classroom style session and no dogs will be allowed at the first class. 

Class size: 6

Trainer: Claire 

Next Available: TBD

Length: Six consecutive one hour group classes.

Location: 20900 Frontage Rd, B- Mezzanine, Belgrade, MT. 59714