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Claire Silvey set up Gallatin K9 to offer the people of Montana a better path forward to improving the relationship and connection with their dog, through a balanced, safe, and effective method of training.

She is a lifelong animal lover and has been training dogs and horses all her life. After 20 years  educating herself on the methodology and philosophy of horse training she decided to take a deeper look at dog training after seeing a need for it in the area. She spent many years working with the Big Sky Working Dogs learning about the sport of IGP, advanced obedience, tracking and protection work.

As a lifelong student, professional education is paramount to being the best and Claire has studied with, and continues to pursue education through, these programs:

  • Top Tier K9 School - Pet Dog Trainer Program 

  • Michael Ellis School of Dog Training 

  • Continuing education seminars through Big Sky Working Dogs

  • Training Without Conflict Methodology from Ivan Balabanov 

  • Certified through the American Kennel Club to evaluate both the CGC and CGC-U tests and to train the AKC - Star Puppy Classes


She is focused on continuing education for herself and is always seeking to be a better trainer and teacher and is always enrolled in a variety of educational classes, seminars on dog training, psychology, and continuing education courses. 


Claire has had many dogs, and fostered, from the Montana Belgian Malinois & Dutch Shepherd Rescue and loves being a part of the rescue effort of these amazing dogs for many years. She currently owns three dogs, a retired Belgian Malinois that she competed in IGP with, a Dutch Shepherd who is in training for IGP and PSA and her demo dog Rocky who is always a crowd favorite!

Owning a dog is an amazing and rewarding experience, but also a responsibility, not a luxury. Training your best friend properly will lead you to a greater understanding of the animal, and she firmly believes in the owner-pet relationship needs to be one of mutual understanding and respect. You will be immersed fully in the training process, and with this holistic approach, owners end up learning as much as their pets and have fun doing it 


I'm excited to use my knowledge and experience to help you create the very best training experience and have a dog that is a joy to own. 


Claire Silvey is a proud member of these professional organizations. 


Gallatin K9 is excited to announce a partnership with Training With Play

This is an exceptional opportunity for education, collaboration and community.  

Check out Patrick's website for more information.

Patrick Warrender

Patrick has trained dogs since a teenager including show dogs, working line dogs, protection specific dogs, service dogs, and of course- pet dogs. He served in a Combat Unit with the United States Marine Corps deployed around working dogs who saved lives on a consistent basis in and around Al Anbar Provence & Fallujah Iraq. This sparked his interest in becoming a high level dog trainer in the US.


From Patrick: 

"There came a time where I became extremely interested (and borderline obsessed) with Animal Cognition, Learning Theory, Classical and Operant Conditioning, Ethology, Genetics, Epigenetics. Genetic influences on behavior and personality. The scientific debate regarding Nature vs. Nurture.

​The importance of PLAY for all animals and humans! 

Having studied the above under some of the best in the world, I can be sure that I am training animals in line with Science.


I not only know WHAT I am doing, but most importantly I know WHY I am doing it and can articulate this to people in a very digestible way so that they can train their dog when I am not around.

I am currently competing in the Dogsport IGP (Schutzhund). Widely considered one of the most difficult and precise dog sports in the World. IGP is a three phase sport involving Tracking, Obedience, and Protection. It was created by the Europeans as a very strict breed test to determine which working dogs should be bred, and subsequently continue their bloodlines.

Regardless of my accomplishments, I see myself as a forever student. I value humility, and learn from anyone that I can."